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Welcome to LUĆELLA [lou-chell-ah]


The name LUĆELLA means 'beautiful light' and our dream is to provide you with unique, elegant pieces to brighten your wardrobe and home. 

At the core of our clothing collections, LUĆELLA wholeheartedly celebrates the power of women and all they embody. We aspire to provide the modern-day woman with distinctive pieces that enable her to express who she truly is, emphasising femininity and elegance, and encouraging her to feel her best self.


In an attempt to be fashion-conscious we believe that garments should exceed their buy:wear potential. Our aim is to fill your wardrobe with timeless, versatile pieces that stay on-trend year after year when styled differently. Throughout our collection we maintain these staple pieces that we encourage you to mix and match for multiple outfit combinations.

Throughout our clothing and home decor, we aim to create affordable luxury by providing accessible style and sophistication. Each piece is available in limited quantities so as to retain value and exclusivity. 

As a family-run independent boutique we strive to provide our customers with a more personal, quality service that they can count on from start to finish. 

If you'd like to contact us and learn more, please pop us a message at

Thank you for visiting our store & joining us on our LUĆELLA journey. We hope you enjoy your experience with us!


With love,


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